Dragon Boating

Splash Down…

Dragon Boating

Manoeuvring and racing a dragon boat demands good coordination and communication of a large team – as many as 20 young people or 18 adults learn to paddle rhythmically and effectively together in a race across the water. Ultimate success depends on tactics, technique and brute effort – but in the end there are no losers– just a lot of fun, laughter and mutual support along the way. Because of the sheer number of people in a Dragon Boat, they are the fastest paddled craft we have at Longridge.

Our prices are based on group sizes of up to 18 adults or 20 young people for 90 minute sessions led by one of our experienced helmsman. Sessions run during the day and evening throughout the year – river permitting!

Off Peak £100, Peak £120, Charitable Donation Price £132.

To book – call our Bookings team on 033 03 03 01 01