Bell Boating

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Bell Boating

Bell boating is a great activity for any age group, but is particularly good for introducing younger children or inexperienced adults to the water. This is because bell boats are incredibly stable as well as being great fun, and rather than being on their own in a boat as they would be with some other activities, with a bell boat everyone is in one craft together. As with all of our activities, Bell boating is designed for 8-years and over, however because of the nature of the activity it may be possible to take out 7-year olds if they are accompanied by an adult.

We have three Bell Boats and they are hugely popular for fun activity sessions and birthday parties. Our prices are based on a maximum number of 10 young people aged 8+ or 8 adults – led by a fully qualified instructor.

Bell Boating can be a very useful means of coaching paddling technique, prior to undertaking a canoeing activity, as well as developing a team spirit.

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